LUX FEMINAE


 Curated by
Olivia Zabludowicz
and Lily Cohen

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Lux Feminae, the Light of Woman, proudly presents "Echoes in Color," an exhibi=on that beau=fully intertwines tradi=onal cra?smanship, modern influences, and the vibrant cultural heritage of Mexico city. This collec=on gathers established and emerging ar=sts, both local and interna=onal, who draw inspira=on from the city's cap=va=ng blend of indigenous tradi=ons, European influences, and contemporary ideas. Their art captures the poe=c essence, expansive sense of space, and profound connec=on to nature that define Mexican art.

"Echoes in Color" serves as a testament to Mexico City's role as a dynamic ar=s=c hub, where ideas flow freely, collabora=ons thrive, and boundaries are con=nually pushed. The exhibi=on showcases a diverse range of mediums, from the simplicity of crayon drawings that evolve into intricate tex=le pieces to func=onal designs and abstract ceramic works. Through this ar=s=c journey, we explore the delicate dance between unfeIered expression and powerful introspec=on, ques=oning the city's enchan=ng dichotomy of rawness and completeness. Ul=mately, the exhibi=on celebrates unity and encapsulates the true essence of Mexico City's ar=s=c spirit.